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Our Work

Here at Made to Maximize™, we have worked with a variety of clients in multiple ways, particularly in social media management, marketing strategy, and coaching. Find out more about our clients below...



Social Media Management

Dr. Elisa Lashell Harney had already developed a thriving audience. She is great with design and copy. However, her growth did not allow time for quality engagement with her captive audience. She had tons of content but not so much time to post. She hired our team to Maximize her audience engagement and build her brand through social media marketing & management. Her brand, sales, engagement and audience are growing by the moment.


Marketing Strategy + Video

Stephanie Bowman has the feel of a local celebrity and the heart of your favorite friend. She was no stranger to the limelight when we met. She and her non-profit, One Heart for Women & Children, have been on the news for years. Their impact in the community has been unmatched. They needed a strategy or two. Our team provided 2 strategies that allowed the One Heart team to generate $228,000 in under 8 months. Through the strategy sessions, we created the Heart Beat Sponsorship Program and generated enough resources for 2.64 Million meals to serve our community members in need in the middle of the pandemic. Since this time over $3.5 Million have been generated in resources, acquisitions and partnerships. Be on the lookout for more amazing things with One Heart for Women & Children.

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Marketing Strategy + Coaching

Tracie Brown is a business savant. Everything her hands touch prospers. So she keeps them busy. She is one that does not wait to implement. Her results follow. She continues to grow her business profitability through strategy and coaching. She connected with our team for marketing clarity. Since our first meeting she transitioned from being a solopreneur to now being able to hire help and attract an international audience. 


Photography Anchor


Videography Anchor


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Social Media Templates

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