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We believe that business is influenced by your mindset and how you manage your lifestyle is important! Stay tuned for more info about our lifestyle services.

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Our very own, Ms. Mompreneur 2021, has crafted a virtual 3-hour VIP Day for mompreneurs who are challenged by managing businesses and babies. If you're interested in getting a strategic plan for self-care and schedule management, book a session with Kiara today!

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Mentors, Milestones and Millions

Mentorship Program

This 8 week program is geared towards men who want to cultivate: community, character & courage.

8 topics in 8 weeks: Mentors, Milestones & Millions

1. Mentorship
2. Marketing 
3. Motivation 
4. Maturity 
5. Marriage 
6. Maximize 
7. Monetize 
8. Maintaining

Let's cash in on connecting with the right environments and thrive.

I plan to share what has given me an edge on all the stereotypes, obstacles and opposition to success, health, wealth, marriage, money and motivation. 

I will share my 6-figure journey and 9-figure mindset. If you have questions make sure you bring them.

It's time to grow!

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