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Interested in the MTM Network?

We believe that our clients need a range of services from multiple experts so we decided to bring together the best of the best to be a resource center to let our audience know about other recommended experts that may need to scale their business.

The MTM Network is a paid membership of professionals in various fields. Depending on the type of membership you have, you will be able to be listed on our website as a preferred partner, get complimentary advertisement from us through email marketing or our social media platforms, quarterly planning workshops and even the opportunity to partner together to create custom packages for our clients. Many of our network members increase their income as a result of being a member because our clients need the valuable services they provide. We want to maximize our client's time and be the trusted company they go to for all of their business needs. Want to join? Fill out the form below. We will be announcing our paid membership levels soon!


The type of professionals we are looking for are: Branding Strategists, Photographers, Website Designers, Ad Managers, Social Media Managers, Funnel Builders, Course Creators, Graphic Designers, Trademark Attorneys, Bookkeepers, Business Coaches, Printers, Videographers and more... We are open to freelancers and established business owners.

We are currently accepting interest forms from those who are interested. By Quarter 2, we will be scheduling calls to get to know your business and sending you a means to pay for membership. Please note that everyone who expresses interest will not automatically be able to join the network. We make sure that our clients only work with those we have vetted and operate in the spirit of excellence. Soon we will have an MTM Certification program for our network! In the meantime, fill out the form below to express interest and we will be contacting you via email when we open up our MTM Orientation! (Also note, you do not have to live in Florida to join our network. We also have an audience in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Georgia and Illinois.)

What is the MTM Network?

Who can join the MTM Network?

How can I join the MTM Network?


Join Our Network

If you are interested in joining the Made to Maximize™ Network, complete this interest form below.

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