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You have better places to maximize your time. Allow us to alleviate your schedule by creating, curating high-conversion workshops & training just for you.

Our clients have earned hundreds of thousands by leveraging the information and tools gained from our workshops and training. 

And you can too. The key is Maximizing the skills and stricture needed to create the income you desire. Conducting workshops and training is essential as you create learning environments for your team to grow and gain the skills needed to thrive. However, know training and workshops can require a full-time schedule! We hate to hear that our clients have had to play the role of workshop host, trainer, CEO, admin support, and graphic designer. When you come to Made To Maximize®, you get all that you need and more.


We offer Workshops and Training

*Each package can be customized according to your accompany needs.

**Please note, the onboarding process can take up to 30 Days 

Review the selections below to see which offer is best for you.

Your Marketing Team

Ideas to Invoices BAnner (3).png

Have you been looking to train your team? At Made To Maximize™ we have customizable training to fit your organization and objectives. If you need support with: Content Planning & Curation, Videography, Photography, Admin Backing, Sales, Design, Public Relations, or Copywriting we have solutions for you.

Mentors, Milestones & Millions

Mentors Milestones Millions (760 × 420 px) (1).png

This offer is ideal for those who are looking for community, collaboration, and connection in the spaces of life that may matter most. Within 8 weeks we dive into: Mentorship, Marketing, Motivation, Maturity, Marriage, Maximize, Monetize and Maintain. (Note: You do not have to be married to attend.)

Ideas To Invoices

This offer is ideal for individuals who have great ideas, insights, and innovations but have found it hard to execute those ideas and even more difficult to generate income from an idea. We believe that with the right skills and structure, you can create income from a variety of ideas. We want to show you how! Join us for an 8-week self-paced or group training.

Help! I Don't Have Time For Social Media

Have you had trouble making time for social media? Do you know that Maximizing social media will help you obtain your business goals? If you said yes to these two questions we have training for you to help you and or your team take your marketing to the next level.

Show Up And Be Great!

Are you tired of showing up as less than your best? Do you need support that will help you reshape how you connect in business, on stage, or at home? We believe there is more in you. It's time to SHOW UP and BE GREAT!

We need the best you as a leader in business, at home, and in the community. It's time. Join us!

Negotiate or be Negoitated

Ideas to Invoices BAnner (2).png

The best business deals are reserved for the best negotiators. We have learned through the decades to negotiate or be negotiated. If you are an influencer, leader, or business owner that values integrity and excellence, and someone looking to grow your margins and profitability in business it's time to Maximize how you negotiate.

Still not sure which offer is best for you?

No worries, that's what our Discovery Call is for! Schedule a call with our team so we can assess which offer is right for you or if we can create a custom package for you!

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