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About Us

Made to Maximize® Founders



Once upon a time a creative consultant crossed the path of a cute counselor. Okay… that is what actually happened but we will share the short version below.


We met over 8 years ago and it was at the perfect time. Jerred had settled back into the United States after 12 years in Japan and he had just finished his  Bachelor’s degree and Kiara was preparing for her Master’s program. Kiara had travelled a bit but lived most of her life in Florida. What seemed like a dream connection turned into a wonderful reality. (Insert a brief time-lapse) We had a 3 week engagement and 3 weeks later we were married. That is the shortest version of this story every told. Ha!


Life was filled with excitement and we made sure to take as many people on the journey as we could, so we started a YouTube Channel called “Meet The Masons” which shared our relationship journey, home life, world travel and more. Through our channel, more eyes were on our public lives. Not so much for our professional lives. Jerred was a consultant at a Fortune 100 company and Kiara was a Specialist at a nationally recognized non-profit. Then one day we received a request to be featured on a TV Show called Expecting on UP Tv. We accepted. That was followed by a number of News and TV appearances reaching national and global audiences.  What started out as fun, lead to strategic financial growth and influence.


Then we decided to interject our professional skills into our hobby. Kiara merged her Social Work specialty with Jerred's creative consulting and our marketing agency was born. We found that our knack for media could be monetized beyond being a talent behind the screen. It was much more impactful as a technician of sorts engineering solutions for clients that wanted to grow their influence, impact, and income. While we had clients in 2018, we officially started MTM Creative Imaging & Co. in 2019 where we helped business owners create content, consistency, and conversions to attract their ideal clients through social media. All the while our consulting efforts had been a background service that we rarely brought to the forefront. Now, you are seeing more departments come to center stage through Made To Maximize®. We brought all facets of our businesses into one easy-to-navigate location so that you and other leaders like you can have a place to connect for your business consulting and marketing needs. 

Join us on a quick trip down memory lane:


Today what started with just the two of us, is now a team and network that provides the following services:


Social Media Marketing & Management




Graphic Design

Website Design

Business Consulting

Legal Services




Campaign Management


And more.


Welcome to Made to Maximize® where we believe we are called to multiply, monetize, and maximize through business.


Here at Made To Maximize®, we have a creative team that brings your content, marketing and business to life! We absolutely love what we do and take our time to make sure we are serving you well and maximizing your resources. 

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